Trust in The Lord with all thine heart..

“…but for their labor they were to receive the grace of God, that

they might wax strong in the Spirit, having the knowledge of God, that

they might teach with power and authority from God..”

                          – Mosiah 18:26


My mom’s birthday is this week and I just wanted to shout out how

amazing she is. Thanks for being born, Momma!:) keep an eye out on the

mail! A piece of my heart is coming your way. 🙂 I love you!

Second, worst week ever! Just kidding. 🙂 but we did have some big

disappointments come our way. Krishna dropped us. He said he just

couldn’t accept the fact that this was the only way to receive

salvation. I was heartbroken. It happened the day after transfers,

too. Steve was in the area, looking for jobs and places to live but

didn’t find anything. So he moved back to CA. Ellie had some stuff

come up and we didn’t get to see her this week. I don’t think she’s

good with set appointments. But we’re not giving up on her! Syidah

isn’t doing well either. She just has a lot of things holding her back

right now and she’s not committing at all. So sad, guys!!! We’re still

working with Lily, the ten year old girl. 🙂 she’s a sweetie but we’re

trying to get her to church! It’ll come. But besides that, we starting

over again. Which honestly can be a blessing sometimes. I know I’ve

learned so much from these people. And we have truly done the best we

could to help them. The Lord will take care of the rest. We just gotta

keep working, be obedient, and love every minute.

Honestly, I haven’t taught up to twenty lessons a week since I left my

greenie area. But I have truly seen miracles. And in the end, I have

grown and learned in so many ways. I have felt so inadequate this past

week, especially with this new calling as an STL with Sister Olsen.

She is a great missionary. Sometimes I feel like she could do this

just as well without me. But I know The Lord is blessing me with so

much. And no matter what, I’m here! I’m a missionary! I’m serving The

Lord and doing all that I can. And that’s enough for Him. That is a

miracle I am grateful for every single day. Goodness, I am so grateful

for that. In the end, it won’t be about how many lessons and people I

taught, or how many baptisms I had. In the end, it will come down to

how I lived and loved my mission. And I know that as I do my best, I

will become who The Lord needs me to become. How grateful I am for the

atonement of Jesus Christ that proves to me that trials are a

blessing. And they can truly make us better.

So, this transfer is a short one because of the new mission president

coming in. And we’re gonna have to do almost two exchanges a week

because of it! Time is literally slipping through my fingers. We have

so many meetings and conferences coming up. There’s just no time for

trunkiness! I guess I can be grateful for that. 🙂 and we got assigned

Sister Evans and her new companion as one of our companionships to

exchange with! 🙂 My second daughter!!! I’m so excited. 🙂 And! With

Sister Ryder! I met her at general conference before my mission! You

guys probably don’t remember who these people are. But that’s okay.

Haha! I love these sisters!  Miracles come from exchanges so get

ready! Maplewood is in for it! 🙂

I love The Lord. I know He lives and He answers prayer. I know that

never in my life have I felt closer to Him than while I have

participated in His holy work. Every day I remember the missionaries

who have influenced my life since I got baptized. And I know The Lord

is blessing them for helping me get here. I love the gospel. I am so

grateful for the Atonement. And I know as we rely on the mercy and

love of the Savior, ALL things will be for our good. Have a beautiful

week, my dear friends! Love you all! You are amazing. 🙂


Sister Erin:)

A new chapter in the OPM…

My friends and loved one,

So, where do I even start? I am so humbled and a little overwhelmed by

the results of this transfer. Remember Sister Olsen?! The one I came

out with and went on exchanges with this last transfer? She’s my

companion! And President Morby asked me to be a Sister Training Leader

in the mission with her. Which means that we’ll have a position of

leadership with the zone leaders in the mission. We’ll be going on

exchanges with different sisters in the mission to train and serve

every week. And since the new mission president is coming in next

transfer, we’ll be working really close with him and President Morby.

I have to admit, I felt a little inadequate when I saw STL next to my

name on the transfer projector yesterday. Okay, that’s a lie. I feel

really inadequate. And yet at the same time, I am so grateful for the

opportunity I’ll have to learn and grow in another capacity. I know

the STL’s I’ve been able to learn from have changed my mission. And I

hope to be able to be an influence in these sisters lives the best way

I can. I know that The Lord doesn’t call the qualified but qualifies

the called. And so He will do with me as I rely on Him and do the best

I can. This will be an adventure. And since I was just called before

President Ballard comes in, I will most likely remain an STL for the

rest of my mission. Ah! Prayers are appreciated. Haha!

Besides that, I’m still in Maplewood and Sister Olsen came here.

Sister Howe was switched with her and went to where she was! Crazy.

Things are getting nuts here in Maplewood. We picked up two new

investigators last week! One was Steve, the man from Iran. And the

other is ELLIE! The lady we tracted into a few weeks ago who has five

kids and is practical lug super woman! She’s incredible! If she and

her family accept this gospel into their hearts, this will be the best

miracle for President Morby to see before he leaves! I just love

Ellie. We made a plan to see her sometime last week and ended up

stopping by at the perfect time! She works and goes to school full

time but she’s still making time for us because she really wants to

learn and know! And she’s a single mom! Luckily, her kids are all 10

yrs old and older. She just spent the whole time talking about how God

provided for her and her family and how She’s been searching for truth

everywhere and just really wants to know where to find it. We just

cried and cried and hugged and laughed. I adore that woman. I’ll keep

you guys updated! We’ll see Krishna again this week and hope that his

heart is ready to accept these things, too. We realized that he has

basically been searching for truth his entire life, but has become

blinded by it. He cannot be

I’ve that he has found it so he’s questioning himself and hardening

his heart to it. But I know The Lord will take care of him. Syidah

isn’t doing too well. We love her so much but she’s not in a healthy

state emotionally right now and we’re wondering if she’s in this for

the right reasons. I know this gospel is what she needs and wants, but

she doesn’t want to commit right now. It’s heartbreaking because we

want to help her, but she has to want to receive the help we have to

give. We’ll keep praying though.

But good things are happening in Maplewood! And Sister Olsen and I are

going to work out tails off. (Literally, we ran two miles this

morning…bye bye, mission weight! Woo!) hahaha! 🙂 love this girl. We

are so excited to work together. I know personalities are very

different but I think it’ll be for our benefit. And I just hope to be

as good of an influence to other sisters as possible.

I feel so blessed every day to be a part of this work. I will hit my

year mark this transfer and cannot express how grateful I am for

everything that I have learned and experienced thus far! I know the

time will only slip through my fingers from here on out, but I am

ready to give The Lord everything I have. I know that He lives and is

aware of us. He has truly helped me to know that this past week. If we

ever need His help, I know He’s there. If we ever need reminding of

His love for us, we must pray. And I know He will answer! How I love

my wonderful Father in Heaven for giving me such a beautiful life to

live. I have a testimony of His gospel and His Son, Jesus Christ. And

I will do all I can to serve them. 🙂 and I will have fun doing it!

You guys are the greatest! I love you all!:)

All my love,

Sister Erin McMahon:)

p.s. Yesterday an Elder McMahan entered the OPM. Hahahaha! Never

thought I’d see the day! His name has an “AN” at the end instead of an

“ON” though. So funny! Everyone there looked at me and laughed. And

they kept asking him if we were related. Time for the awkward

missionary jokes to begin.. Hahaha!

A note to my wonderful mother.

“…they had been taught by their mothers, that if they did not doubt,
God would deliver them. And they rehearsed unto me the words of their
mothers, saying: We do not doubt our mothers knew it.”

My friend and loved ones, it’s May. And during this special month, I
get to celebrate not only the role and influence that my Mother has
played in my life, but also the day of her birth. How great a miracle
she is to me. When I was in high school I remember finally realizing
how hard my mother has worked and how much she has sacrificed for my
sister and I throughout her life. From the very moment she decided to
be a mother, she made a promise to give up anything that would keep us
from having the best life we could. And though circumstances were
challenging at times, she never gave up searching for what would be
best for us. And as she continued that search, I know that she was
being led to this gospel. And she found it. And because she found it,
I have been given the greatest gift she could have ever given me. My
entire life has been blessed because of the choices and sacrifices
that she made for me to have this truth and these experiences, for
which I will be blessed forever. On my mission, I have only come to
understand that more and more. My mother is a warrior, and truly one
of the strongest women I have ever known. I owe so much to her. And
every day, I strive to live a life to make her proud. And to show her
my gratitude. Though I definitely haven’t been perfect over the years,
she has loved me anyway. And never once has she left my side. Thank
you, Momma. For always believing in me, and for always encouraging me
to reach for the stars and follow my dreams. I know with all my heart
how hard it is to see me go every time I leave home, and to have me
gone for so long right now. But know that not a day goes by without
remembering how special you are to me. Thank you for giving me the
greatest life I could have imagined. You have succeeded, Mom. Your
hard work and love inspires me to be better every day. Know that no
effort has been wasted. You are so loved and cherished by your Father
in Heaven and the daughters He has given you. He hears your pleas and
He knows your heart. And He is so grateful for all you’ve allowed me
to do. And I know that I am, too. You are incredible, Momma. I cannot
wait to see you this Sunday. For the first time in almost a whole
year! I know it will be the best day ever. I know that the work I’m
doing here is blessing you. And the things that I learn and teach
here, I know it’s true. And because I know that, God will take care of
everything else. Only a little longer! It’ll be worth it, I promise.
Remember, you are so beautiful to me. Stay strong for me, okay? I just
love you, Mom. And I thought I’d share how wonderful you are with all
the world. 🙂

This was probably the best week thus far in the Maplewood ward. This
area has been so dead in terms of investigators ever since I got here.
And this week, the elders got a solid referral and we found one of the
greatest miracles yet on my mission. 🙂 good things are happening! I
know that as we do all we can with what He has given us and then wait
patiently upon The Lord, He blesses us. Her name is Syidah. She was
found through a member in one of the neighboring wards who she just
met on Tuesday. And on Wednesday we had dinner with her and she became
a new investigator. 🙂 This was all the Lord’s work. We did absolutely
nothing, and The Lord just placed her in our path. Guys, this was a
total miracle. She is from here but has spent a lot of time in Chicago
and NYC. (Woo, woo!) She’s a single mom with a 5-month old girl who is
the cutest thing in the world. And she is so prepared. She was raised
in a Muslim home but doesn’t practice that anymore. She’s studied a
lot of different religions but just hasn’t found the right one. In one
week we taught her two lessons and she came to church on Sunday! She
was brought to tears from the way she felt here. Good things will
happen with her. She is truly a miracle. 🙂

Krishna’s doing fine. He’s going to New York next week so we won’t see
him again until after the transfer. (He’ll be driving through upstate
too, Mom! Cool, huh?) He’s in the Lord’s hands for now. But we’re not
giving up on him yet. 🙂

Sister Howe and I are having a blast. I love my Arizona sister. 🙂
Funny story, her sister had a mission call a few weeks ago, and is now
getting engaged to a guy from Tucson. LAME. Ha! Just kidding. We’re
excited to meet him on Skype this weekend. 🙂 Good times. Sister Howe
told me this week that our time together has been a real turning point
on her mission. She doesn’t know how much that meant to me. It’s
amazing how what I thought would be one of the most difficult
companionships, has became one of my favorites. I am so grateful for
the change He can make in all of us. 🙂 I know that when two people
really want to do what The Lord wants, we will always succeed.

What a great week, guys. Good things are happening in the Maplewood
ward! Finally! I know that with obedience and hard work, miracles
happen. 🙂 I love my Heavenly Father so much. He has been so good to
me. 🙂 This work is real and I know it’s true! we’ve got an amazing
week ahead of us!! We get to go to the temple, too!!:) you all are in
my prayers! Have a beautiful week!

Sister Erin McMahon:)

p.s. Funny story – I went to the doctor for the first time on my
mission this week! Haha! It was so cool because whenever you go to the
doctor as a missionary, they always try to bring you to LDS doctors.
So fun! My yearly sinus infection decided to attack me and I tried all
I could to not have to take time out to see someone. But after
receiving a blessing, I was told to get the best medical care
possible. Haha – so grateful The Lord knows what’s best for us. 😉 All
better now!

God is in control.

“And we know that all things work together for good to them that love
God, to them who are the called according to his purpose.” – Romans


First, hope you guys enjoyed the photos of my companion and I to
brighten your week! 😉 some things never change, huh? 🙂 also, to
everyone who saw the video of me singing I posted on Facebook – I’m
sorry it’s not the best quality of singing. I haven’t had a voice
lesson in a year now! Haha everyone in the ward begged me to post it.
So bear with me! The Palick’s are gonna record something with me at
their studio one of my next P-days here though! Isn’t that cool?!
They’re leaving soon to go on tour for the summer so they wanna make
it happen soon. I’ll make sure to get it sent to everyone. It’ll be a
hymn, don’t worry. Haha but I’ve absolutely loved being able so bear
my testimony through song while out here on my mission. The hymns have
gotten me through so much. 🙂

This week Sister Howe and I got caught in to hail storm while we were
tracting. It was awesome. She is so happy, guys. She is growing in so
many ways. As am I! And we are having so much more fun. 🙂 Still
haven’t found any new investigators. Ellie is busy with school and
won’t be able to get together for another few weeks. She’s a rock star
mom. But at least that’s something to look forward to in the next
transfer! We and the elders are trying all we can to get the ward
members involved. It’s tough. I’ve been so blessed in my other areas
to work with such amazing members. But it’s okay, we keep pressing
forward and The Lord will provide! All we can do is our best. I want a
baptism so badly, guys. It’s been months. But again, I just want to do
what The Lord wants me to do. And if that’s not baptizing, then so be
it. No matter what, He will help me learn what I need in order to
become who I need to be. I’m so grateful someone has it all taken care
of. He knows every single one of us so individually and so perfectly.
And because of that, I know that He will always provide.

We finally got to see Krishna this week. But it was a little sad. We
had to be really bold and specific with him. He’s gotten to the point
where he loves and believes everything we teach him, but he just
doesn’t feel the need to change what he already has. We have come to
the conclusion that we’re gonna teach him the set lessons one last
time and be specific in our commitments and see what happens. He has
to do the work to get the testimony he wants. And he actually has to
want it. It’s pretty exhausting sometimes, but I learn so much through
it all. I know The Lord will take care of the things we can’t control
as missionaries. Again, all we can do is our best. Keep praying for
him, guys! It’ll happen, in the Lord’s time and in His own way.

Again, time is flying. I get to call home soon, Momma! My last one!
Crazy. This next transfer will be a week shorter because of the new
mission president switch. We all feel like President Morby is gonna be
making a lot of changes in the leadership before he leaves because so
many sisters and elders leave with him at the end of June. We’ll see
what happens. Oh gosh, I’m gonna miss that man. Thank goodness for
mission reunions! That is, if he’s not made a Seventy here soon. He’s
incredible. President Morby has changed my life and made me so much
better than I’ve ever been. And I just know that President Ballard is
going to do the same. He’s gonna teach me everything I need to know
before I go home. 🙂 I’m so blessed to get to see something like this.
🙂 though change is hard for all of us sometimes, it’s literally why
we’re here. We promised Heavenly Father that we would use this mortal
life the best that we could, to change us so that when we saw Him
again after this life, we learned and grew in just the way He needed
us to. There is purpose in all things. I just know that everything He
does is to make us happier. And who doesn’t wanna be happy? I mean,
really though. 🙂

I am so grateful for my service as a missionary of the Lord’s kingdom
again restored to the earth today. Every day we witness people who go
without so much, especially the knowledge of the truth that we have.
And every day we share their burdens and wipe away their tears. We are
messengers of hope and peace. And we are witnesses of God. That He
really does care and love us. And He really does have a plan for
everything. What greater thing could I be doing right now? I know that
prayer is real. And I know that because of prayer and the blessings of
the gospel, I have come to truly understand how beautiful this life
really is. He has created a perfect plan for every single one of His
temporarily imperfect children. And if we but trust in Him and His
Son, we will get everything we want and need in the end. And we will
be happy, not only that, it is there to make us happy now.

I was reminded of a beautiful truth of the Savior this week. I was
talking with some other missionaries about how quickly time passes out
here. And sometimes it seems like the longer you’ve been out, the
lonelier the road to travel seems to become. However true that is, it
is just as it should be. When the Savior was being prepared to perform
the Atonement and His resurrection, His road became lonelier and
lonelier. And as representatives of Him, that is to be expected. But
the important thing to remember is that He overcame it. And in those
moments when we feel most alone, we are so close to the Savior. He
knows those pains. And His love is there to rescue us. When life gets
hard for me, I try to be grateful because it helps me to understand a
little more of the pain that these people are going through. And I can
help them through it even more. I am so grateful for trials and
challenges, because they bring me closer to Him. And in the end,
because He did, we will overcome all things that may come our way. And
we will be blessed for our sacrifices. I know that is true.

Have a beautiful week, everyone! I am so blessed because of you. Thank
you for all you do.
Sister Erin McMahon:)

Because of Him

My friends, my family, those that I love so dearly… You are incredible.

I thank you so much for all that you do. I know these emails aren’t

the shortest or easiest to read. But for those who do take the time to

read them, I thank you. My mission truly means the world to me. And I

know that it’s changing me. I pray every week that something I write

will be an answer to someone’s prayer. And I hope that is true for you


This week we had the most edifying zone meeting I have ever had on the

mission. We talked about the importance of getting our investigators

and less-actives to church, making and keeping commitments and the

power of prayer. On my mission, I have truly come to understand the

power of prayer. I know it’s real. But I wanted to share an experience

that happened at the meeting. That morning, I was feeling really

overwhelmed and stressed out. And I offered my morning sacred grove

prayer (a private vocal prayer that our mission president has asked us

to offer every morning) and expressed my gratitude to my Father in

Heaven for the blessing and freedom I have to pray to Him whenever I

need to. Missionary work can be so lonely sometimes. No matter how

long you’ve been out. You don’t have the people you love just a phone

call away, and sometimes you don’t even have your companion. But there

is always prayer. And after I offered that prayer, so much hope and

peace entered my heart. At zone meeting, the elders we serve with in

our ward gave the training on the section about prayer. And in the

middle of teaching, our district leader called me out and asked,

“Sister McMahon, how often do you pray?” And Sister Howe immediately

answered for me, “more than any missionary I’ve ever known” and the

elder then asked me, “why do you pray?” And after a moment I answered,

“Because I cannot do this without Him.” And he went on to talk about

how much of a pleasure it’s been to serve with me. He thanked me for

the missionary I was and how much it’s helped him to be more positive

and more grateful for his mission. He said my example and testimony of

prayer has truly helped him to become a better missionary. He told

everyone that He knew without a doubt that I had a testimony of prayer

and that I knew prayers are answered. I couldn’t help but cry. That

elder had no idea how much I needed that that day. How grateful I am

to serve with such amazing elders and sisters. Never postpone a

prompting to express gratitude to those around you for what they do.

You never know what it can do for someone. I truly believe that. That

morning, my prayer was answered.

I had one of the sweetest experiences this week as well. One that I

will hold dear to my heart forever. I will admit, I was nervous living

Sister Evans last transfer because of all the mistakes I felt that I

had made as her trainer. I didn’t know if I could be better for

someone else or not. And it’s been a bit of a rocky road for Sister

Howe and I because our work ethic and attitude toward the work is very

different. But I know that I have truly been changed as I have prayed

to know of how I can help her be more obedient and more in love with

her calling. And I have truly seen a change in her as well. I have

been given opportunities to serve her, and no matter what I have

stayed true to the rules that I know are there for our good. And the

other day, I came out of the shower to find a note with my name on it,

sitting on my pillow. As I read the note, my heart was touched. Sister

Howe has written me telling me of the influence that I have made on

her and her mission. She was honest and apologetic for the things she

knew she could be doing better. But she told me of the example I have

been to her and thanked me for not giving up or getting frustrated

with her. And at that moment, I knew The Lord hd changed my heart. And

I remembered that I’m not just a missionary for non-members or

less-actives. I’m a missionary for everyone around me. And to know

that I have helped Sister Howe love her mission, I truly felt like an

instrument in the lords hands. I know that I am not perfect, and there

is still so much I could work on. But I know that the Savior’s love is

real. And it changes people. I m so grateful for my companion and

every other I have been blessed to have. They have truly helped me to

be a better disciple, and a better friend to all those around me.

Here’s an excerpt from my letter to President Morby this week:

” In Alma 29, Alma has this overwhelming desire to bring souls unto

Christ. But he realizes that it’s okay to not have the perfect

mission. It’s okay that people aren’t willing to listen to change. And

his heart is filled with gratitude as he realizes how great a miracle

it is that he’s been given this opportunity. He glories in exactly

what The Lord has given him to work with. No matter what, he glories

in his calling to serve The Lord. And he realizes that he isn’t just a

missionary to the unrighteous people he’s been sent to, but he’s a

missionary to his brothers, too. And I was reminded of Alma’s

testimony and perspective this week. I am living a miracle. Yes, it’s

not perfect. Yes, we’re not able to do everything I’d like to do. Yes,

the ward isn’t doing very well when it comes to the missionary

mindset. But I’m serving a mission. I get to wear the Savior’s name on

my heart every single day. And I am able to bring the light of the

gospel to all I come in contact with. That includes members, other

missionaries and my companion. And I can change myself. Though the

work isn’t what I’d like it to be right now, The Lord is changing my

heart every single day. And that is what matters most in the end,


While on this race of life, aren’t we meant to have joy? “Now if a man

desired to serve God, it was his privilege; or rather, if he believed

in God it was his privilege to serve him..”

I am so grateful for my mission. This Easter weekend meant more to me

than it ever has in my life. I know that missions are hard, and

terribly lonely. But the savior has never been so real to me before.

He truly knows our sorrows and our desires. He knows our hearts and

hears our prayers. And because of the sacrifice He made, and the fact

that He overcame it, I can do anything. I can be a good missionary, I

can be a good companion, and I can be a better person. I know that

change is real. And though life isn’t perfect, the Savior provides us

the perfect moments that will last for all eternity. I know He lives.

I know the Book of Mormon is true because it proves to me every single

day that He is real, and that if we’re obedient, Heavenly Father will

provide. I love my mission, president. No matter what, I know that

this is where I need to be. And if God is with us, who can stand

against us?

I know I am exactly where I need to be. I am truly on the lord’s errand.

I love you all! Have an amazing week!


Sister McMahon:)

p.s. For those who have seen me on Facebook, yes it is me. After much

prayer and pondering, I decided to give it a try. And I’ve already

seen so many positive outcomes from it! I can’t believe how many of my

friends on missions were already on FB, too. We’re taking over the

internet! It took me an entire transfer to edit my page though. We had

to hide all of our pictures that were with anyone of the opposite sex,

and basically anything that wasn’t representing our calling as a

missionary. We’re able to have some real life pictures, but not many.

They want us to appear normal as well. But it took me forever to go

through everything. It was a bit distracting at first, but now it

means so much more to see so many friends being lifted and

strengthened by the things we post and share as missionaries. They say

that by the end of next year, most likely all of the state-side

missions will have iPads. It was a hard adjustment, but we truly are

taking over the world. The Lord is hastening His work, and as we are

hitting the influence that Internet can have on people, we will be a

use for good. Now with one click at a time! Friends, feel free to like

and share any of my posts! And if your friends have questions, tell

them to talk to me!:) I can’t talk to any of my friends on there, but

know that you are so loved! And the posts are there for you, too!:)

emails are still the best place to reach me. love you all! 🙂

“get out of the way, and let the song write itself”


I’m so sorry for the lateness of this email. Our district leader gave

us permission to email tonight because we had a big emergency with a

recent convert in our ward today to attend to. But all is well, I

promise! 🙂

I told you back in December that I started reading the Book of Mormon

all the way through for the first time on my mission. And this

morning, I accomplished my goal! I wish I could put into words the

overwhelming sense of peace and love that was felt as I truly

remembered “how merciful The Lord hath been unto the children of

men..”, in the scriptures as well as in my own life. The Book of

Mormon has not only changed me as a person, but it has taught me that

miracles really do happen, that God does answer prayers, that He does

take care of His righteous people, and that the Savior’s atonement is

for every one of us. He truly is in the very details of our lives. I

know, without a shadow of a doubt that that book is true. And I know

that it will change the world! Because it truly has changed me. How

grateful I am for those men and people who believed in Christ, and

lived for Him. I know that the Book of Mormon is the word of God, and

that it carries the spiritual manna that we all need to endure this

life. “Yea, blessed is the name of my God, who has been mindful of

this people, …yea, I say, blessed be the name of my God, who has

been mindful of is, wanderers in a strange land..” God knows us and

loves us. He is truly in the details of our lives. And anyone who come

to know and love the Book of Mormon will only understand that more and


So, update on the area – Krishna was busy this week and will be next

week as well. So sad! But he’s not dropping us. It’s just something

that came up with his job. It turns out all of his questions have been

answered according to him. And now he was just wants to listen to what

we’ve prepared and go with it. He still has some unimportant concerns

that are getting in the way of hid faith, but as he truly seeks to

know the truthfulness of these things, he will find his answer. I just

know it. Keep praying for Krishna, okay? The Palick’s told us the

other day that they have felt really strongly that they need to stay

here for this next transfer to be here for us and Krishna. Gosh,

they’re like our best friends. But they told us they have also felt

like The Lord is calling them back to California for their music

business stuff. It will be good for them. But we will totally miss

them. (Don’t worry – they already requested to come to our weddings

someday. And I’m also gonna be featured on an album of there’s soon.

Totally friends forever.) So, we are literally waiting for the miracle

for Krishna. But if we have enough faith, I know that anything is


I have to tell you – something has happened to my companion. She woke

up on time every single day this week to work out with me! She even

attempted to go running with me! Woo! And she has been trying to be

nicer and more loving to me and everyone around her. I can tell that

she has been trying to work a lot harder this past week. And I have

made sure to tell her how grateful I am for it. We even tracted this

week! I was so proud of her! She also told me the other day that when

she first became my companion, she had never prayed so much with

anyone else before. And she bore testimony to me of how her testimony

of prayer has grown. I don’t know what happened, but there is a

difference. Slowly, but surely she is becoming more optimistic and

fun. And I am just amazed. I am so grateful for the power of the

atonement in peoples lives. Though it hasn’t been easy for me to work

with people who are different than me, or even to be around someone

24/7 – I know that as I have prayed for charity and opportunities to

serve them, I have truly learned to love unconditionally. And I hope

that Sister Howe has felt that. I am starting to feel so much better

about this transfer. Never underestimate the power of a listening ear

and a helping hand. It truly changes people.

Sister Howe and I had a tracting miracle this week, too! Her name is

Ellie. It’s a really cool story actually. There’s some elders in our

district who do really well with their numbers of lessons every week

and it’s made them super cocky. They always talk about it at district

lunch and it bothers everyone. But they’re still young on the mission,

so they’re learning. Anyway, another elder was talking about the

experience he had on an exchange in that area, and how they found

interested people every time they knocked on a door. And inside I was

cringing. But it gave me so much motivation that day. And I said to

myself, “that’s it, we’re going tracting after this.” Haha! So I

dodged the plan we had for after lunch and picked a street to tract.

Then, I prayed specifically that we would find someone who needed us,

who was seeking for truth, and someone who we could make a new

investigator. And sure enough, we found her. 🙂 (note – when we have

faith, and we pray for specific things, we get specific answers) Her

name is Ellie and she has a boyfriend and five kids. We don’t know the

whole story yet, but she’s wonderful. She had just visited an LDS

service a few weeks ago with a friend in downtown Portland and wanted

to learn more!!! She literally scheduled the appointment for us. Haha

we’ll see her this week and hope to make her and her family new

investigators!!:) A FAMILY, GUYS! A DREAM COME TRUE! We’re hoping for

the best. 🙂 I just know that when we’re obedient, The Lord blesses


Not much else has happened though. But life is good. We’re trying to

really fix some of the missionary mindset in our ward right now. And

we were able to get a lot of concerns and issues addressed with the

stake president this week. How cool it is to be a part of this work in

the latter-days! We’re all learning and it’s just gonna be amazing to

be the next generation of leaders in the church who are behind the

work of salvation. Heavenly Father definitely knows what He’s doing.

We hope to see some good things happen this transfer, that’s for sure.


I’m so grateful for missionary work. Not because I’m a missionary, or

because I get to wear a cool name tag every day. (Even though my name

tag is pretty great) But because I have a light to shine amidst this

darkened world that surrounds us every day. Every single person on

earth is searching for truth and answers. Even we, as members of the

church are constantly seeking what The Lord would have us do. And most

of all, we’re all searching for happiness – just in all the wrong

places sometimes. But I know that this is where true happiness lies.

This is where our souls yearn to be. Because this is where Heavenly

Father is. I know this is His work! And I know that this light has the

power to bring hope to everyone. As members of this church, we all

have that same light to spread throughout all the world. And it can

happen every day if we’re willing. I know as we share this light with

everyone, God will help us change the world. How blessed we are!

I love you guys so much. I hit my 300th day on the mission this week!

(I number my journal entries so I’m more accountable to write in it –

haha) I cannot believe how fast time is flying. And there’s still so

much to do. And so many miracles to see! Just gotta keep working hard

and He’ll take care of the rest. I just love my mission. And I love

the woman my Savior is helping me to become. How grateful I am for the

atonement. If Christ has faith in me, I can do anything.

My prayers are always with you guys! Have the best week ever!:) you

are wonderful.


Sister Erin:)

“The gospel is not weight, it is wings..” :)

My dear loved ones, I know God speaks to us today.

And I am so grateful to know that! Holy revelation! Did you guys watch

conference?! Was that not amazing?! Go back and read those talks,

guys! They were flawless. I don’t even know where to start. Absolutely

beautiful in so many ways. I must tell you – I received so many

answers. Heavenly Father is so ready to reveal things to us if we just

prepare to receive it. How grateful I am to know that living prophets

and apostles walk the earth today. And as missionaries, we stand with

them in this great cause. I am truly living my dreams. One of the

talks that touched my heart the most was President Uchtodorf’s talk

about gratitude. As I listened to his words, I was reminded that time

is so precious here on earth, and especially on my mission. So often

in life, we find ourselves wishing for better days ahead and by so

doing, we waste the time that is right in front of us to be happy. He

spoke about not necessarily being grateful for our circumstances, but

being grateful IN them. That is something that I would like to

cultivate in these next months of my mission. I remember a time when

my trainer said to me, “Sister McMahon, you’re not preparing to be

anything anymore. You’re a missionary.” And that has stuck with me

throughout every area and companion that I’ve been sent to. Just

because things aren’t perfect, doesn’t mean we can’t be happy right

now. I know that the life that God has given me is exactly the life I

need to become who He needs me to be. And the mission I’ve been given

is exactly the mission I need to make me the woman, disciple, wife,

mother, and friend that The Lord needs me to be. And how grateful I am

to be living that experience right now. What a miracle it is. I will

never understand the love He has for me, to have blessed me with so

much. But I know that as I focus on being grateful IN my

circumstances, I will return home a better person, and exactly the

woman The Lord intended for me to become. And by so doing, only

happiness will follow.

Sister Howe and I made it through this transfer without any changes. I

was a bit disappointed with it. But I know that their is much purpose

in the decisions The Lord makes in our lives. And there is more for me

to learn. And again, though things are not perfect, though my

companion and I are very different and work very differently, I can be

grateful to be here no matter what. I have so many goals I want to

accomplish before I go home. My goodness, I hope that I can have

another baptism eventually. But with the Lord’s help, I know that I

will learn what I need to learn. And as I cherish this time even more,

I will be happy. I truly believe that.

I wanted to take the time to express my gratitude to be a participant

and recipient in the priesthood of God restored to the earth today. I

cannot tell you how many times I have called upon the priesthood to

bring me the comfort and answers I need while I have been a

missionary. And I just know that it really is our Father’s power. I

thank the men in my life who have lived worthily to hold the

priesthood, and for being willing to excessive it when called upon. I

have been blessed so much because of you, and I have been able to come

closer to my Father in Heaven every time I’ve renewed the covenants

I’ve made to utilize that priesthood in my life. I thank you for

striving to become more like Our Father in Heaven by being worthy to

exercise  that beautiful gift He has given us. I have truly come to

understand His love for me because of it.

As for Krishna, he is amazing. He and the Palick’s bless my life every

week. He was able to catch the Sunday morning of conference and loved

it! I don’t know what He needs, but I know God does. And as we do all

we can to help him, Heavenly Father will take care of the rest.

I know that God and His Son, Jesus Christ live. I know that they came

to the prophet Joseph Smith in these latter-days to prove to us that

we’re not alone and that this isn’t the end! There is hope for those

who need and want it. And I know that the Savior is the source of that

peace we all need in this ever-changing world of confusion. With His

help, we can be happy now. I know that is true. “Wherefore, let us be

faithful to Him. And if it so be that we are faithful to him, we shall

obtain the land of promise; and ye shall know at some future period

that the word of The Lord shall be fulfilled.”

I love you all. May The Lord bless you and carry you through sights

and wonders, that you may see the purpose and beauty of all things.

And that we all may know true love, the Savior’s love. Until we see

Him again as He is. It will always be worth it.

All my love,

Sister Erin Marie McMahon:)

p.s. “So, when life gets dark and dreary, don’t forget to pray..” 🙂

“I cry unto my god in faith, and I know he will hear my cry..”

Where to even start, guys!

Someone had clearly been saying some extra prayers for me lately. This

week was so great! Definitely the best one yet in this area. 🙂 we

were so busy! Just the way I like it!:) it’s already the last week of

the transfer! I can’t even believe it. First, I must tell you all how

much I love you. I don’t care how long I’ve been out, not a day goes

by without thinking about the people I love. So I thank you for being

a part of my life and blessing me in so many ways. 🙂

Okay, so best part of the week = got to teach a lesson with President

and Sister Morby! They came for our lesson with Krishna and of course,

the spirit was overwhelming. I’ve been out almost 10 months now and

during our lesson I was still brought to one of those,”oh my gosh, I’m

a missionary!!!” moments. So beautiful!!:) Krishna’s questions are

becoming so much more focused and less deep and out of context. And it

just proves that he’s understanding how it all fits so much better

than before. Goodness, when I think about the Maplewood ward, I will

always think of Krishna and the Palick’s. They are seriously my

favorite people here. I just know that Krishna is getting closer and

closer! I’ve never invested so much study and prayer into one person

before. But I have total confidence that The Lord will bless him with

just the confirmation he needs. Prayers for Krishna, please!

I wanted to share with you one thing I learned in my study that was so

beautiful. Here is an expert from my nightly journal entries.. It’s a

long one so bear with me:

“Today Krishna had questions about baptism and conversion. He wondered

if baptism was considers conversion itself to us. As I prepared for

the lesson, the Spirit brought me the greatest insight. I was able to

make a connection between covenants and marriage. (What do I know

about marriage, right? Just wait!) conversion is a process. It takes

action. As does the process of falling in love and marriage. First we

act by meeting or being introduced. Then we must study and seek more

knowledge or, the dating process. Then, the more we learn, the more

our desire to continue learning either decreases or increases. As we

learn of the gospel and continue to act to gain more knowledge, we

desire to learn and act more. Just as we begin to fall in love, our

desire to stay in love and be more faithful to that person grows. And

when what we learn continues to make us happy and continues to give us

a stronger desire to be better for that person, we want to grow closer

and closer to what feels true and right. So we make commitments. And

as our desire to make commitments grows, we will do all we can to

prepare for that commitment we will make. And the more we show our

faithfulness before we make our commitments, the more that we show

that we’re willing to keep our commitments. And after we’ve made

commitments, we want to do all we can to keep them because we have

already felt the blessings that come from them. Thus, we fall in love

because we felt something, and cited on it’s we prepare for marriage

because we love that person and we want them to see our willingness to

be faithful to them. We get married because we love them and want

their love forever. That marriage is performed in a ceremony by the

proper authority, to show its validity and sacredness. After we’ve

made that commitment, we continue to be faithful and work to stay in

love and happiness. Thus, it is the same with our sacred covenants

with God. We become converted as we act and continue acting in

faithfulness. We enter into covenants because we want to show our

commitment and love for God. We stay faithful, so that we can remind

happy, no matter what”

How neat is that guys?! I know, so beautiful. Ha! And in church

yesterday, someone said something that went along right with what I

learned. They talked about our heavenly Father’s love for us and how

this life is here to teach us to love the way He loves. And that rang

so true to me. As I have relied on the Savior and His atonement, my

heart and it’s capacity to love has truly grown. I truly believe that

everything in our lives is to teach us how to love. And I know I’m

learning that first hand out here. So beautiful!!! I love teaching the

gospel!!! And I am so grateful for the spirit!!! Sister Howe and I

have been doing well, too. With transfers coming up, I’m kind of

hoping for a change in the district though. There’s a lot of

negativity and pessimism with some of the missionaries here and it

really stresses me out. But I’ve learned a lot. So we’ll see what The

Lord has in store.

Sister Howe and I have been getting so pumped for general conference,

too! My first greenie, Sister Warnock did this cool thing last

conference to prepare and I wanted to do it with Sister Howe for this

conference. She took a few weeks before conference to prayerfully

chose 5 simple questions to ask The Lord in preparation of receiving

the answers during conference. She didn’t quite receive all the

answers as she watched it, but following conference she went back to

study her notes and found an answer to every single question. So that

is what we decided to do. And with the general women’s conference, I

felt so overwhelmed with the spirit and I was able to learn so much

more because I was prepared to receive direction from the spirit. How

wonderful is that! You guys should do that too if you get the

chance!:) I’m so excited to see the rest this weekend. I’m so grateful

for a prophet of God on the earth today. And for the restoration of

the gospel that blesses me to know that God does speak to us. He is

aware of us and ready to help us, if we but prepare to receive it. I

just love the gospel. 🙂

I love my mission, I love my mission, I love my mission. 🙂 and I love

all of you!! I’m so grateful that we have a Father in Heaven who cares

so much about us. The Savior is so real. I know ?He lives!:) I’m so

grateful for repentance and how it always brings me closer to Him.

What better way to live?!

Enjoy your week, guys!:) oh, and I heard the BYUI men’s choir is

singing at conference! Can’t wait to see some familiar faces!:) good

luck, guys! Next April, I’ll be there. Weird. Anyway, love you



Sister Erin:)

p.s. Letters soon, maybe? 🙂 my mailbox has been starving! 😉

“But seek ye first the kingdom of God and his righteousness..”

To my favorite people,

“But behold, they did watch steadfastly for that day and that

night…that they might know that their faith had not been in vain..”

“And behold, the voice of The Lord came unto him saying, lift up your

head and be of good cheer; for behold, the time is at hand..” – 3

Nephi 1:8,13

I am so grateful that we have a Father in Heaven who has a plan and a

purpose to everything that we experience in this life. And I am

grateful for every opportunity to rely on that plan and to trust in

it, especially when it requires our greatest strength and effort. I

know that my mission is teaching me just how much I can rely on The

Lord for the things that these people need, as well as what I want

most in life. He is truly aware of us and as we stay true to Him, the

view will be clear eventually. Sometimes it’s hard for me to think

that I have a purpose in this place if I’m not seeing it as soon as I

thought I would. And sometimes I’m not sure if there really is someone

here who needs me specifically to help them receive or progress in the

gospel. But whatever His reasons may be, I know that as long as I am

progressing and learning to be more like the Savior, the rest will

come. The righteous Nephites saw the signs of Christ’s coming and had

the faith to believe in what The Lord had in store for them. And the

others who doubted, forgot to be patient and grateful for what they

were given already. And in the end, though the righteous still had to

endure a test of their faith as they watched the destruction of the

people before their eyes, they stayed strong and waited upon The Lord.

And because they relied on Him through it all, the blessing and

miracles they were able to witness was so much greater than what they

imagined or expected. The Lord did bless them for their faith. And I

know that it’s the same for us.

This week had its ups and downs. My companion got sick and she wanted

to stay home for a lot of it. Though it wasn’t what I would’ve wanted

to do, it gave me an opportunity to serve her. And I was grateful for

that. Sometimes it’s hard for me to know that I’m doing my best when I

know we could be doing so much more. But I know The Lord is aware of

us, and He sees every effort we do. And no matter what He is proud of

us. I just have to keep trying, and remember to love others the way

Christ does, and I will know why The Lord needed me here in the first

place. The lessons He needs us to learn aren’t always the ones we

expected, but they are always the best for us. And above all things,

He is teaching us to rely on Him. There’s two weeks left of e transfer

already, and I just hope that we can do something that progresses the

work here. Sometimes you just have to keep moving and The Lord will

bless us for our efforts.

Krishna’s baptismal date is kind of up in the air now. I cannot tell

you how amazing this man is. He is so humble and patient. And the

spirit he brings with him is so beautiful. We want this for him and

his family so much. But he has let logic get I the way of a lot of his

faith. The Palick’s and the elders in our ward joined together to fast

for him this week and it was such a beautiful experience. We all love

him so much, but we know that he’s gonna need to gain His own witness

that will give him just what he needs to know these things are true. I

know The Lord is aware of him and his needs, and as Krishna exercises

his faith, he will be blessed for it. After we’ve done all we can, The

Lord will provide the miracle. I bet if we had more people to tech

besides him, we wouldn’t have as much time to focus on him and

exercise faith. The Lord has a plan.

I feel like I say this all the time, but this week flew by like

nothing. General conference is coming up, and then Mother’s Day

already! I can’t even believe it. No time to waste, guys. Obedience

and hard work brings blessings. All we can do is our best. And then,

we’ll feel His approval. I hope you all know how much you mean to me.

Thank you for loving me the way you do. I am truly blessed.

“Be believing, be happy. Don’t get discouraged. Things will work out.”

– President Hinckley

Love you all! ❤

Sister Erin:)

“The Lord is in the details of our lives”

To all those who read this:

I love you and I thank you for the blessing you are in my life. I know

The Lord is so aware of us and He stands so ready to bless those that

remember Him. Know that I remember you every day. You are in my

thoughts and prayers and I know The Lord is taking care of you.

This week was the best yet in our area. So many neat experiences! I

have to say, I have the greatest mission president in the entire

world. My interview with him this week was beautiful. We talked about

the things I had learned and witnessed In my last 3 months and all we

could do was cry. I love that man. And I am so grateful for the

influence he has made in my life. He has taught me so much. President

Morby referred me to Helaman 10:4-6 and I was so touched by the

confirming witness of The Lord approval of the work I’m doing here. He

is so aware of us. No matter what happens in our areas, if we’re being

obedient and doing all we can to fulfill His will, He will bless us

forever for it. And I believe in that promise.

Sister Howe and I were given such a neat opportunity this week to go

in and speak to the seminary classes in the stake about missionary

work! Those kids were so awesome! And I never got to do early morning

seminary so I was so touched by their examples and testimonies. They

asked us so many great questions and I was so grateful for the chance

I had to testify to them of what the mission has done for me. It

reminded me of why I’m here and how much I love this experience. I

hope every day that the lessons I’m learning here are influencing

many, especially my future family and posterity. This mission has not

only changed my life, but it has saved my life. It is so precious to

me. And I would encourage anyone and everyone to do it. 🙂

We also got to go on exchanges this week with the sister training

leaders. And it was like a mini-MTC reunion for me because I got to go

with Sister Olsen to her area! It was so great! We hit the ground

running and we found them a new investigator! So many miracles. It was

a blessing to hear about the things she’s been learning since we left

Mt. Hood, too. The mission truly transforms us into greater souls. And

I am so grateful for the amazing people I have to learn from here. I

loved sharing that time with those people. And I learned so much. That

day was such a blessing.

Another beautiful blessing we received this week was seven days of

sunlight! Ha! And the flowers are popping out! Guys! It’s so

wonderful. A sunny day in Oregon is like heaven. The Lord knows what

we need exactly when we need it. 🙂

Okay, now for the greatest miracle. The sisters before me had been

teaching a man from India named, Krishna since September. This week we

had our second lesson with him. The first was incredible. He is such a

special and humble man. When I got here, we were able to discern that

He needed a better understanding of the atonement. He loves everything

he’s learned and he feels that it’s right, but it hasn’t become a

desire to commit to quite yet. After helping him understand the

purpose of the Savior and His atonement for our second lesson this

week, Krishna and I were in tears. He couldn’t bear the thought that

the wonderful and loving Son of God would come down to earth and go

through those things for us. He wanted to know whatever he needed to

do to lesson the pain the savior had to go through. And we committed

him to being baptized in April! It looks like it’s gonna be he second

weekend because of general conference. But I can’t even out into words

how amazing that lesson was. I was so nervous because he asks so many

deep questions and it’s so easy to feel intimidated by him. But I was

able to pray and fast for the spirit to direct us in that lesson and I

know it did. I wish you could have seen Krishna’s heart change before

our eyes. It was so beautiful. I know that this will be a wonderful

journey for him. And I also excited to be a part of it! (Side note –

Krishna’s fellow shippers, the Palick’s are the coolest couple ever.

They have a band and a recording studio in their home. Brittany, the

wife, her mom works as a vocal artist for Deseret book. They’re pretty

legit. Haha! It’s so cool! They have cd’s they’ve released and

everything. And yes, we have plans to jam next P-day. Ha! Love them)

I am so grateful for the blessings of The Lord in our lives.

Especially the unexpected and sometimes unnoticed ones. There will

always be good days and bad days, but we have a Father in Heaven who

has a plan. He has a love for us that is truly unconditional. The

worth of souls is so great to Him. So great that He made all of this

for us! And the Savior’s love is what will change the world. I am so

grateful to be a part of this work. I know that God speaks to us today

through a living prophet, and not only that, He will speak to us

personally if we just allow Him into our lives. His comfort and wisdom

is just a prayer a way. I know that He lives.

Here’s to another great week ahead! I love you all and pray for you

every day. Thank you for helping me to see the blessings that are

always there to lift us when we need it. You are amazing.


Sister Erin McMahon:)

p.s. Sorry this one is so long! I just saw so many beautiful things.

But one last funny story – so, we share the area with a set of elders.

And we had dinner at a member’s home last night and they told us the

elders had been there a few days ago. They said the elders were saying

that we get all the referrals. And the members asked, “Why?” And they

both said, “Have you met or talked to Sister McMahon? …it’s an

experience.” Hahahaha!!! We could not stop laughing. They kept asking

me, “how can someone be so positive and happy?!” Ha! They should talk

to my companions about that one. Just kidding. I love these people. I

am so grateful for the perspective the gospel has brought me in my

life. 🙂 keep looking for those blessings, guys!